Did he?

Three Canada Geese sat at the side of the road, feathers fluffed, webbed feet tucked underneath, disappeared, gone. ¬†One’s head was twisted back, tucked into her long dark gray body feathers. The other two were “standing guard”, sinewy necks stretched high. They formed a triangle; a family has returned
Tall stark bare trees, substantial shadows in the distance, towered above the roofs. I saw a large black bird [a shade] perched at the summit of one of these trees “another” perched on a lower branch in a neighboring tree — silhouettes. The silence was unnerving, waking dream…
A big white cat with gray tabby patches streaked across the green grass. I could not see who he/she/it was running from. Did he duck under my house for safekeeping?


Surreal Scene

Within the shadows, underneath the porch,
the earnest brown tabby cat sought to search…
Ears pricked, chin up, listening and looking
FOR LIFE; is there movement, leaves rustling[?]
The short-haired tabby crept across the grass,
seeking to sit next to the tree trunk AS
a butterfly tweedles his senses,
staring into the wind, thoughts so pensive…
Suddenly SNAP, the cat catching a ghost;
ring-around-the rosy, the tree its host.