Indecision – A Fantasy

While listening to the tap tap tap of the dog’s toenails, I hear the whisper, “March” — Left, Right, Left, Right, Out Of Sight, This Way, That Way, Which Way, NO WAY… I sat down on the wood floor and listened to the dog walk across its polished surface, toenails tap, tap, taping. Now that’s a beat I could follow, want to follow

or do I



When children spin the Dreidel like a top,
Does chance and spirit blend like a heartthrob?
A daft squirrel bounces a nut on a branch;
Instinctively prays for no avalanche.
My cat chasing a ball “creates” much joy.
How would he do, with a four-sided toy?
Turning her eggs over [talons] to glance —
Mother Bird playing Nature’s game of chance.
White seagulls cruise the parking lots for food;
Catching wind-swept crumbs hones an impish mood.


A large red-tailed hawk swept across the lawn.
The squirrel vamooses, going, going, gone.
Rabbits vamoose by leaping oh so fast;
But then stay still, a silence which will last.
“Leaving” is simple, when you’re relaxing.
Pretend you’re a stream forever flowing.
Birds peck a seeds then FLY into the air.
VAMOOSE if a nearby human doth stir.
When one nervous cat growls and bats his tail,
The other shy cat will vamoose, never fail.

The Dance

Dead leaves, stirred by wind, will sometimes frolic,
instinctive response, often euphoric.
In the air, a mad Mockingbird will JIG;
performing a, dancing a, whirligig.
While it’s raining, I listen to the beat,
syncopation, you artists take your seat.
Reverberation, vigorous broom “whisk”,
cats chasing each other, delightful mix.
When a tree moves, does it shiver or sway?
Paying attention to THIS makes my day.