all in the family

the mockingbirds quarrel
leaves rustling


“Look Something Out” (Brit…)

With a skill as unique as a mimic,
coaxing a giggle out of this cynic–
A lively creature is the Mockingbird,
that lingers in the world of the absurd.
Therefore, I wonder, was it on a dare,
when perched on a branch he gave me a stare?
Surprise [!] a gray Mockingbird’s full-face view
yields an instrumental character clue,
when I looked BACK and felt “a serenity.”
Is that the Mockingbird’s true identity?

The Cheerful Imp…

While listening to a gay mockingbird,
I contemplate various “dreams deferred.”
Is this crazy bird a carefree cynic?
What motivates his urge to mimic?
Although its coloring is largely gray,
a mockingbird has something to say.
When around my window he’s fluttering,
is that bird studying my muttering?
No doubt about it, this clown makes me laugh;
a special avian, and that’s no gaffe.