When a Crow speaks, it’s a definite page;
Calling all sensitives – time to engage!
The Crow [plisky] untied his shoelaces.
Is this because he doesn’t know faces?
When a Hawk’s near, the Crows KERFUFFLE!
“Get Away,” they scream feathers a-ruffle.
Long lush green grass, dark feathers akimbo;
Two lustrous Crows dance a jammy limbo.
Big Crow lands on my porch rail, silently
And stares at me — quietly — intently.

Making the Commitment

Perched on the precipice, telephone pole —
The huge black Crow cawed, to connect his goal.
When a Crow’s calling, he thrusts his head out,
Extends his neck, feathers a visual “shout”.
His whole body’s involved in this cawing,
Beak slightly open — this bird’s vibrating.
I think he’s lonely, looking for kinfolk;
Take a chance, roll that dice, go for broke.
When birds are talking they give it their ALL.
I’m running down the Hall; will I trip and fall?


Crow Crowd,
Murder of Crows,
One, Two, Three Crows
Attempted Murder
(If two or three are gathered in my name…)
Crows In A Tree Cawing To One Another
(Are you near, can you hear me, dear?)
Authentic Atonal Musicians
These Crows
A Symphony
Instruments Responding
To One Another
Claude Debussy
Sergei Prokofiev
Bartok, Stravinsky, Schoenberg
ALL Discordant
I love the thought of that.