Resolute cat walks through descended leaves;
Its sensory perceiving[s] — clever thieves.
A wide-awake cat’s aware of the ALL,
‘Specially during scintillating Fall.
In the grass, mouse’s whiskers bristling,
High up, is that a squirrel whistling?
All things cool in an aloft bird’s shadow;
Inspires the cat to look up, but not slow.
Nuance of faraway human voices,
Made the cat hasten, too many choices.


Decided Not To Decide…

Lolling, rolling, yellow brown bumblebees, humid hot, itty-bitty birds twittering within green leaves, the big black cat sat on the white porch, his eyes half-closed. Each time he heard the bees buzz, feline flipping the bird [thumping his tail], splintered wood. Feathered chit-chat, corpulent cat responds, opening his eyes, BUT — the thick air was like a blanket. The black cat closed his eyes once more.

The Authentic …

Moggy’s a dinkum, fine upstanding cat;
Purloins my steak fast [the drop of a hat].
Cats howling at night, a feline chin-wag —
My cat [my moggy] pursue the ball, “TAG!”
To be a dinkum goes against the grain;
Being an “original” can be a strain.
Dinkum Moggy studies the night’s shadow.
Purloining the nuance made her mellow.
This cat, a rare dinkum, slept in my lap,
While running through the woods, Moggy’s dream map.