To me, my cat’s eyes are dark narrow halls.
Lingering in these shadows I may fall;
So I focus on the light in these eyes —
Call it cat kindling [a soul] thread so fine.
We stare at each other, my cat and I,
Until something clicks, please don’t ask me why,
But my cat, Kapoa, runs to my side.
When we dialogue what will be our guide?
That we’re true friends is our epiphany;
Conversing an instinctive symphony.




Resolute cat walks through descended leaves;
Its sensory perceiving[s] — clever thieves.
A wide-awake cat’s aware of the ALL,
‘Specially during scintillating Fall.
In the grass, mouse’s whiskers bristling,
High up, is that a squirrel whistling?
All things cool in an aloft bird’s shadow;
Inspires the cat to look up, but not slow.
Nuance of faraway human voices,
Made the cat hasten, too many choices.