Destination Unknown (REVISED)

My urge to travel unravels [gravel]
flying in the wind finding my mind
I gawk at the Red-Tail Hawk
circling, like a boat in water,
“weren’t no” tidal wave,
But a current of warm air,
Tunnel, pipeline to the Heavens,
the THERMAL no hurdle —
Surfing, the Red-Tail Hawk slowly floats UP
wings translucent in the hard-won sun;
the red in its tail is like fire in the sky,
I don’t need to run as I watch this bird
following the wind,
destination unknown,

Decided Not To Decide…

Lolling, rolling, yellow brown bumblebees, humid hot, itty-bitty birds twittering within green leaves, the big black cat sat on the white porch, his eyes half-closed. Each time he heard the bees buzz, feline flipping the bird [thumping his tail], splintered wood. Feathered chit-chat, corpulent cat responds, opening his eyes, BUT — the thick air was like a blanket. The black cat closed his eyes once more.