Saga of an Offbeat Seidkona

Moody adolescent
Open to “senses”
Often misconstrued
Needle in a haystack
Fleeing the household
Under a Full Moon
Legs so uncertain
Learning to dance BIG

(Seidkona is a Norse Woman who practiced Seidhr [trance magic])



Brittle timbre of a tender twig
Reaching out, straining for the sunlight
Almost asking the question, “Which Way?”
Near the Earth the child wanders, but then
Changes its mind, flexing its elbow.
Height is what this new limb is seeking.

A Theater Of The Absurd Existence

Perhaps pleasing florescent Pigeons parade
Across mosaic patios to persuade
Tourists to buy throwaways in the arcade —
Rippling Rays within the branches leaves cascade —
I made many mistakes in life, a charade;
Curling around each moment, the cat stayed
Inside the domestic domicile and prayed
Asking the wind for a melody well played.