Where-ever I am, I’m home…

Today, I decided to walk-a-bout,
Really just to hear the Mockingbird shout.
All it wants to say is that “I AM HERE.”
Very few ignore this bird I hold dear.
Ever so often I stroll, my eyes closed,
Leaving, with my imagination posed.
I stand between the tree’s roots, looking UP.
Note that branches are roads, celestial YUP.
Going places, easy, without a doubt.

A Theater Of The Absurd Existence

Perhaps pleasing florescent Pigeons parade
Across mosaic patios to persuade
Tourists to buy throwaways in the arcade —
Rippling Rays within the branches leaves cascade —
I made many mistakes in life, a charade;
Curling around each moment, the cat stayed
Inside the domestic domicile and prayed
Asking the wind for a melody well played.