A Theater Of The Absurd Existence

Perhaps pleasing florescent Pigeons parade
Across mosaic patios to persuade
Tourists to buy throwaways in the arcade —
Rippling Rays within the branches leaves cascade —
I made many mistakes in life, a charade;
Curling around each moment, the cat stayed
Inside the domestic domicile and prayed
Asking the wind for a melody well played.


Conflict In The Loft

Bitter Lemon lost
Aspiration [CROFT]
Raising Cain soft
Barb-wire holocaust
Am I Robert Frost [?]
Recitation tossed
A “Red Herring” crossed

The John

I frequented the Water Closet [WC].

The Loo made me giddy.

Squatting in the Out House
I got splinters in my butt.

Never went into the Little Boy’s Room,
although it would have been a giggle to do so.

Toilets are a necessity in a civilized life.

Never occurred to me, though,
that the Porcelain Throne would become my God.

Growing old is a bitch.