Sitting in the front row with an ex-con who laughed at the jokes no one else “got” in the film STIR CRAZY (with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor), and I’m busting out, Blue screaming Meanies, freedom reason season —  time to break on through to the other side, but I wish I knew what the jokes were [all about]…

THE TEA PARTY (building a nest)

“I’M LATE; I’M LATE, for a very important date…”

The colored tatters of his jacket rippled in the wind.


She grabbed hold of his arm.


“Wait.  Take a deep breath.  In. Out.”

…And the Starling flew up underneath the roof’s ledge edge, disappearing into the hole.

“Wait.  Breath.”

The Starling slipped in an out of that hole several times that day.

(Starlings wear a tattered gold vest underneath the black feathers.)


I wonder where the Mad Hatter left his chapeau. 


Part One

To sniff honeysuckle in the morning sends me up the stairway to heaven. On the fence, the Mockingbird whistled.  Hiding within the bushes, the frail Rabbit, his large brown eyes are the doors to the affairs upstairs, the stars.  Or is the female Cardinal singing within the spiraling branches of the tree?

Part Two

It’s your day, fay jay, hey let’s be gay.  May I stay?  Who cares, the airs are yours as I fly through the Vapours, digesting the contents of the strange message;

“Take the elevator to the Thirty-Seventh Floor.”

A Theater Of The Absurd Existence

Perhaps pleasing florescent Pigeons parade
Across mosaic patios to persuade
Tourists to buy throwaways in the arcade —
Rippling Rays within the branches leaves cascade —
I made many mistakes in life, a charade;
Curling around each moment, the cat stayed
Inside the domestic domicile and prayed
Asking the wind for a melody well played.

The John

I frequented the Water Closet [WC].

The Loo made me giddy.

Squatting in the Out House
I got splinters in my butt.

Never went into the Little Boy’s Room,
although it would have been a giggle to do so.

Toilets are a necessity in a civilized life.

Never occurred to me, though,
that the Porcelain Throne would become my God.

Growing old is a bitch.