As the careless youth dropped crumbs the Crow ate ‘em;

…Pink Panther Logos on the white truck.

Gray Mockingbird perched up high, diadem –

Hissing at the Crow whose plumb out of luck,

chased from the nest, the Mockingbird’s helm.

The Crow cawed, complained, what a schmuck –

Proud puny Mockingbird went home — nest, its stem —

as the Crow ate those crumbs beneath that truck.


We talk trivia, my dear acquaintance,

And such you are, and no doubt you well know,

Birds soar across the sky, always on the “go”,

And true friendship requires real maintenance.

A cat anchored to earth may be “petulance”

Towards feather friends whose liberty to fly, “so”

Over earthly terrain and mountains low…

To interact must we be in a trance?

Honestly, I don’t know how to be friends.

Can alien species learn how to mend [?]

Splintered hearts, misunderstandings send

even the strongest souls into fits.

Loyalty and love, the right friendship “blend”…

Yeah, its tough, but I do recommend it!


Raw essence there, let’s call it a warehouse;

Rocks and pretty discards new life garden…

Frankenstein’s creature, whereabouts,

the potential to create a rouse.

what’s there, don’t be a louse, COUNT, please harken:

fragile colored balls a Christmas “camp out”,

purple prayer beads, pious target;

Here and there a rubber ball, worn out.

Sharpen your wit – Frisbee disk faded pink;

What no kitchen sink (?) stare down;

bright-colored pebbles, black dirt, Yule pine needles

Artificial flowers [from a certain cemetery]

a blue plastic bird whose wing keeps breaking off,

a heavy red mug and my favorite cat’s grave, etc.

Ardent burden, my evolving garden…