REAL [?]

Is Make-Believe like Making Bread — pounding your dreams
into malleable munch[able] Baked Bread,
watching your life rise like bubbling yeast,

flights of fancy…
I am a Hawk tripping on the thermal winds,
seeking my elusive perch,

The Branch
At the top of the Old Oak Tree, Caw, Caw, it’s a Murder Of Crows;
Reality cannot be recognized without its genesis:

The Question[s]…

Why does Sunlight sparkle in water?
How does one create sparkling conversation?
A smile can sparkle, and the whiteness of your teeth has little to do with it.
Will I recognize the sparkle of an original thought when I have one?
Moments can sparkle.
Is the sparkle in someone’s eyes the soul?
Sometimes a headache sparkles; someone’s knocking at the door…
Is my life atomic fallout, explosive TNT or the bright searing light of a Sparkler?
Gems sparkle.
If I take out the trash will my words sparkle?