An odd thing, or two, can make you recollect…

Contemplating Scrapple, careful to ignore the contents (A too well considered “cruise” can spoil the courtship!), contemplating Scrapple I see my Father’s countenance, calm, as he cuts the Scrapple NARROW; using the cast iron skillet to fry-up breakfast: Eggs, Scrapple, with a side order of Toast. He looks happy in that kitchen cubicle. Contemplating Scrapple, I smile because I see my Father.

An Unexpected Warrior

SQUAWK, chirp, an explosion of sound,
cascade of blue feathers, Fountain,
three Blue Jays flew UP, and “ran away“,
left the premises, Got out of Dodge.
Hissing — the remaining — slight gray Mockingbird
flew to the top of the of the lamp post.
His long tail feathers were twitching,
[waving his flag]