When people discuss their family letters,

I’m left out of this tiresome equation,

which threatens to leave me sadly lonesome.

I’ve come from folks, who think they’re my betters,

since I did not adhere to their suasion,

but instead sought out Nature’s atonement –

To fly, a bird, escaping Earth’s fetters;

A cat listens to ALL, on occasion.

An agitated Rabbit pounds Earth’s drum…

To those who doubt, I say, “WELL EXCUSE ME”


The air at Dawn is a good recipe.

Breathing in and out I seek clarity.

Sunlight shifts through the woods, funhouse mirrors.

When I walk among the trees I’m nearer

Chit-chat Barn Swallows, Avian Gossips;

when they stream overhead their talk blossoms.

A Red-Tailed Hawk soared between pine “summits.”

Soon after, a second Hawk followed.  “COMING!”

Slick ice on the road facilitates whit.

A ripped-up mailbox lays aside it.