THE TREE (a bit of a list)

..More ministers than you can ‘shake a stick at” lurking in the foundation of this family tree,
deep twisted roots, elbows bent, lives spent, like blossoms falling;
Great grandmother’s oil paintings, portraits of models, anonymous, knots, thorns,
Coffee sipped at a Parisian Café, stubble, tree trunk, facial hair –
Is that Hermit who lives in a cave in New Zealand still alive?
Wrinkles in the bark, ancestors’ writings, the psychic’s “reading between the lines”;
Tangled tender twigs, that violinist in Thunder Bay…
Leaves rustling — keeping score at a Rugby game in the UK,
(Teachers, Engineers, Scientists, Writers, Artists…)
Climbing further up the tree, bare branches –
Whispers in the wind –
William the Conqueror’s shield bearer, General Washington’s ditch digger,
Tryon, Selleck, Stuart, to name a few –
Faraway voices
Whispers in the wind
I love the fact that I had a relative named JUMP.