What I Heard Today…


The Wind tangos with the trees like the turning of the pages in a heavy book.  When the birds sing it’s like the ringing of a melodic bell.  I hear [often] the whoosh of a nearby train intend on its path.  Every day, an old BIG plane – Flying Fortress – flies overhead, a drawn-out BOOM announcing its presence.  The movement of air made the chimes infrequently clang.  And… within the filaments of my environment the birds persistently twittered.  Was this gossip?


Similar to the mastheads of schooners,

Thin treetops [summits] swaying in the wind;

Large black crows are perched THERE – sailing these waves.

Early mornings inspire birds to be crooners.

Flitting from branch to branch, their song is signed

By their talons digging…breathing, breath saves

Their voices and their singing become lunar:

To meditate leads to dreams, I don’t mind,

These mornings that evolves into these days,

…what do the birds know that we don’t know?