At dusk this coastline’s quiet; there’s a lull.

We sat on a flat rock – pretense, beach hut!

While we ate, there’s a crash, angels from above.

They’re hovering, fluttering, white Seagulls.

They fill the air; they want food – WHEEDLE!


… except for the one gull who walked back and forth

in front of the of the crowd, beak bent,

barking nonstop, almost regal.


Him I feed.

Pick up!


“…Remember: two wrongs don’t make a right.  It takes two wrongs, a shin kick, and a prank phone call. (Maxine)”


Part One

To sniff honeysuckle in the morning sends me up the stairway to heaven. On the fence, the Mockingbird whistled.  Hiding within the bushes, the frail Rabbit, his large brown eyes are the doors to the affairs upstairs, the stars.  Or is the female Cardinal singing within the spiraling branches of the tree?

Part Two

It’s your day, fay jay, hey let’s be gay.  May I stay?  Who cares, the airs are yours as I fly through the Vapours, digesting the contents of the strange message;

“Take the elevator to the Thirty-Seventh Floor.”


(…hats off to Bob Dylan and his song, Blowin’ in the Wind…)

How many revisions must I walk down
searching for the metaphorical crown?
How many seas must a smart-ass seagull skim,
before basking in the tide’s baneful brim?
Yes ‘n’ how many times must a squirrel scream
before I FINALLY get what it means?
The smell of flowers is drifting in the wind,
disrupting the monologue in my mind…


When a Crow speaks, it’s a definite page;
Calling all sensitives – time to engage!
The Crow [plisky] untied his shoelaces.
Is this because he doesn’t know faces?
When a Hawk’s near, the Crows KERFUFFLE!
“Get Away,” they scream feathers a-ruffle.
Long lush green grass, dark feathers akimbo;
Two lustrous Crows dance a jammy limbo.
Big Crow lands on my porch rail, silently
And stares at me — quietly — intently.