Please Accept These Few Lines … [A Harper Lee Letter Reinvented]

As you’re growing up, always tell the truth.
A cat is an inevitable sleuth.
Do not harm others and do not think YOU…
A dog will bite off more than he can chew.
You’re NOT the most important thing on Earth.
Magpies horde bright bits, for pleasure not worth.
You can, you should, look someone in the eyes.
Will a rabbit contemplate the Sun Rise?
No better, no worse, certainly equal —
Living your life as if there is no sequel.


(Harper Lee wrote TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.)

How to Hunt a Dragon

Examine a dragonfly’s history —
Scientists find its habits a mystery.
Long wingspan of a fossil dragonfly,
hints at a nuclear intense CHI.
Perhaps a dragonfly’s wings are crystal.
Thinking of such things makes me SO wistful.
This strange insect’s head is almost ALL eye,
only eating what is snags from up high.
To catch this odd “bird” sneak up from behind,
since that’s the spot where a dragonfly’s blind.