The Authentic …

Moggy’s a dinkum, fine upstanding cat;
Purloins my steak fast [the drop of a hat].
Cats howling at night, a feline chin-wag —
My cat [my moggy] pursue the ball, “TAG!”
To be a dinkum goes against the grain;
Being an “original” can be a strain.
Dinkum Moggy studies the night’s shadow.
Purloining the nuance made her mellow.
This cat, a rare dinkum, slept in my lap,
While running through the woods, Moggy’s dream map.

Cycle Of Burn

Burn is a small stream in Northern England.
On its eroded banks did Warriors once stand?
Can we say a bird’s burning its bridges?
Deserting one’s nest for newer “britches”?
Chasing prey through the woods, around the bends —
This cat’s burning the candle at both ends.
The Great Horned Owl who flies both day and night;
Burns the midnight oil, what great eyesight!
I’d like to sit near that ancient stream, BURN,
To dream of my kinfolk, hoping to learn…

A Unique Beat

The gray nimbus cloud BURST and the rain came.
Can a wrenching human sob be the same?
Two angry cats circling each other;
Potential cloudburst of rage, oh rather…
A thin man ran, his breathing a cloud burst.
Is a dog panting a symptom of thirst?
Cloudburst aptly describes our bad living.
Problems percolate until we’re seething.
Small wrens singing, cloudburst in the bushes;
Riotous Joy [!] in my psyche, wishes…

(And so, IT continues.)


Squirrels run through the woods, understory;
a Hawk perched, precipitating worry.
What is in the soul’s the understory.
Shadows in the mind are sometimes scary.
Flutter heart — understory — chirping bird;
poised — nest edge — takeoff, flying, ideas stirred…
The cat’s understory is the head butt;
lean against each other, communicate much.
The understory of tumultuous rain
aftermath’s rainbow, a releasing of pain.


A large red-tailed hawk swept across the lawn.
The squirrel vamooses, going, going, gone.
Rabbits vamoose by leaping oh so fast;
But then stay still, a silence which will last.
“Leaving” is simple, when you’re relaxing.
Pretend you’re a stream forever flowing.
Birds peck a seeds then FLY into the air.
VAMOOSE if a nearby human doth stir.
When one nervous cat growls and bats his tail,
The other shy cat will vamoose, never fail.

A Feathered Cabal (kuh-bahl)

Line up in an orderly fashion.
Pigeons on rooftops, would-be assassin[s].
Like the wind sweeping across the tall grass,
A flock of gray pigeons rises “une masse.”
Thrusting his chest out, the male pigeon strut[s],
Negotiating a harem and such.
When I hear the cooing of the pigeons,
Is it many or just a smidgen?
Those pigeons perched on a telephone wire,
Are sitting in judgment [silent conspire].