Swimming In The River Lethe

If you recall vividly or recall ALL, you suffer from hypermnesia.

When a squirrel buries nuts, does it bury too many in order to make sure…

Forgetting is not an option nor is something more extreme, amnesia.

“I will find those nuts,” the squirrel swore…”didn’t have to plant too many.  I DO remember where my cache is hid.”

Perhaps we can refer to this squirrel as a diva.

Birds sometimes return to the nest they made the year before.  Do they come back to begin again or to sit Shiva for what is past?  Why do the birds return?

If you recall vividly or recall ALL you suffer from hypermnesia.

An elephant never forgets, sad gentle giants – to remember the pain as well as the pleasure – sometimes forgetting is preferable, a spiritual anesthesia, insensitivity to pain, turn the page, close the book, the moment is NOW.

Live there.

NOTELETHE is one of the five rivers in the underworld in Greek Mythology.  Drinking from this river makes one FORGET.  There is also a Greek Spirit of Forgetfulness and Oblivion – Lethe.



Raw essence there, let’s call it a warehouse;

Rocks and pretty discards new life garden…

Frankenstein’s creature, whereabouts,

the potential to create a rouse.

what’s there, don’t be a louse, COUNT, please harken:

fragile colored balls a Christmas “camp out”,

purple prayer beads, pious target;

Here and there a rubber ball, worn out.

Sharpen your wit – Frisbee disk faded pink;

What no kitchen sink (?) stare down;

bright-colored pebbles, black dirt, Yule pine needles

Artificial flowers [from a certain cemetery]

a blue plastic bird whose wing keeps breaking off,

a heavy red mug and my favorite cat’s grave, etc.

Ardent burden, my evolving garden…

HALCYON, Definition Thereof

Walking across the sand, the beach, sunrise

Strumming the Japanese string Shamisen …

Silence, slight wind, daylight, a peaceful guise,

Tracking through threaded trees true dalliance

When heard the mythical Halcyon Bird Cries

Create serenity so champion…

To stroll: gray fog stirs mysterious highs.

Munch on a blue bell flower, Rampion.

Colorful Halcyon Kingfisher tries

To fill the daydreams in my garrison.