SNAP CRACKLE AND POP has evolved into a real writer’s scrapbook.  I see this blog as my blank page, a place to try out my ideas — practice — practice — practice.

Please remember that this is a SCRAPBOOK, a JOURNAL.  In other words, these are works in progress.

That’s what life is —  a process.  That’s what writing is — an evolution.

Think of it this way … life is a ROUGH DRAFT

So is writing.

At this point in time, I’m experimenting with prose poetry.  (If I’m ever going to write my memoir — HA –  it should be poetic and surreal!) I have a core love of tanka and haiku (verbal photographs).


(Walden Pond)

If I had to name my spiritual path, I would say it is Nature (Read Walden by Thoreau.  Look up the history on Transcendentalists.)  Another philosophy I embrace is THE THEATRE OF THE ABSURD.

We need to LAUGH at life.  It is the only way to survive this existence!


I’ve been published (on paper) over 200 times. I’ve written essays, stories, newspaper articles and poems (on paper).

Blessed Be!



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