The Letter Poem

(Petitioning the Gods to Reveal Themselves)

Dear Sir and/or Madame;

 I am not blind to the worth,

the wonderful, the extraordinary


“Too much handiwork, too much lymph

in the temperament is making us

fat and mean.”  (Emerson, 1855 quote)

We need to be simple,

To possess free and brave thought.

I have great joy.

I find incomparable things said

Incomparably well, as they must be.

Large perception can only inspire.

I greet you at the beginning,

Rubbing my eyes a little to see if

This sunbeam be illusion or fact.

It’s fortifying.

I’m encouraged to trust, to believe, BUT

I still yearn to see my benefactor!

I want to visit you; I want to pay my respects.

Please let me.


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