Fool…? (Take Two)

The mad Mockingbird crashed into the thick telephone wire, too fast for an elegant landing.

Two kittens bumped against each other while chasing the same ball.

The woman tripped against the edge of the rug, staggered across the extension cord and stumbled on flat asphalt. (WHERE was that dang-blasted crack? Or was it a BUMP?!@#$%)

Leaping up to the kitchen counter the cat missed, falling back to the floor.

The deep red Cardinal – mucho macho – flew near the summit of the trees and stumbled in mid air, plummeting to the earth, landing feet [talons] first, ALIVE would you believe (!)…  Humiliated, no doubt, since he fled [flew] HID behind the nearby foliage.  Was he foolish?  Maybe, but  I was honored by the visit.


The Fool is the Jester who persuades us to laugh at life.

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