OPUS 7 in Gee-Whiz Minor

When a prolonged frost creeps across the land
blossoming may be somewhat behindhand.
Playing with dust, a cat stirs up fun – “craic“.
Is such simple joy sadly archaic?
When a bird lands near, its voice an echo,
I seek the song, corner of the eye, dekko.
In my cluttered kingdom, my cat’s my chum,
but sometimes we collide, how bunglesome!
Sundays are good – a tranquil paseo;
contemplating the stroll of a black crow.

(I REALLY like that word dekko. It’s British slang, and it means “A GLANCE”. I want to use it my everyday who ha he, talk. For example, “Give it a dekko, will you? Anyway, THAT is how I watch the birds outside my window, corner of my eye, a GLANCE. They get nervous if I look at them full ON! HA! )

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