The Hidden Foundation

Sparrows and Wrens may be a “Goldilocks”,
but their in-between life’s a paradox.
Hidden in the holes of the wide white wall,
their loud lyrical choir’s a mighty call.
When the bigger birds finally disperse,
“We will now eat,” the smaller birds rehearse.
Clutching at twigs, Wrens and Sparrows stand WATCH —
guardians, THE GATE, deceptive as such.*
Not too hot, not too cold, a “Goldilocks”;
living in the cracks — fearless fragile flocks.

*Stephen King, in his book THE DARK HALF, altered my perception of Sparrows [and Wrens], as far as I’m concerned, for the better.

Goldilocks [adjective] – not being extreme or not varying drastically between extremes, especially between hot and cold. Note: Isn’t that cool, that a name from a classic story can become a viable term/word in our cultural vocabulary?

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