the [big-eyed] cat
crouches by the open door
as I stand near my altar
swaying while praying out loud.


Dancing For The Fiddler

At times rain creates vision confusion;
sunlight dancing in those drops – illusion.
The screech of a Blue Jay can irritate,
but its melodic “tune” will set you straight.
Invasion of the Crows will instigate
the great wrath of the Mockingbirds; it’s fate.
This tough old cat is full of bitter scorn,
but a kitten heals this tom’s heart – love’s born.
(Based on a true story)
Their fledglings threatened an insurrection;
madly chirping for quick food “collection.”

Thinking About It…

I’m impressed by the dirt-digging squirrel;
to keep track of those nuts needs a journal!
A wee wren [or a sparrow] is a squirt;
this is why these birds need to be alert!
Sometimes dense gray fog conceals like a cloud;
the pensive fox is wary of a crowd.
Within the ancient trees an ideal place –
be quiet and listen, then you’ll find grace.
Mockingbird melody’s mesmerizing;
the bird composer’s always revising!