The Un-prompt

Don’t push me — no prodding or pummeling.
Don’t try to persuade with your pleasant propaganda. Don’t pursue ME.
Your point is well-taken. Perhaps one day, it’ll be compelling propelling;
I’ll put the pedal to the metal. But if you pick Pick PICK at me much longer,
I’ll punch you in the eye. Your prompt will become an UN-PROMPT.
Psychological pitter-patter, putter mutter, mumbo jumbo —


2 responses to “The Un-prompt

    • Let me tell you the story behind this little ditty — at my writing group, we always decide on a prompt for the next meeting, except this last time, nobody could really be DEFINITE, so the moderator said, NO prompt. I asked him, “what?” Then he said “UNPROMPT”. Well, that caught my fancy! He later sent out a general e-mail saying there was no prompt for the next meeting, but I’m going NO NO NO, because all those P words were filling my mind with the concept of UNPROMPT. It’s a great NEW WORD in my life, hehehehehe!

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