That’ll Do Pig

The Potbelly Pig squeezed through the pet flap, trotted down to the street, laying down, “playing dead” — waited for someone to notice; then went back inside to check on his dying mistress; wounded himself going through that narrow pet door a few times. FINALLY someone stopped and the pig lead him back to his mistress. (She lived because of that pig. True Story.)
SOME PIG is what Charlotte the Spider wove into her web to save her friend, Wilbur, from the Butcher’s Block. (Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White)
That’ll do, Pig, is what Farmer Arthur Hoggett said to BABE, after he, the pig, herded the sheep in record-breaking time. (1995 Film – BABE)
Shown at the Brandywine River Museum, in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Jamie Wyeth’s portrait, in oils, of “DEN-DEN“, a big BIG pink pig with a golden aura further emphasizes my point —
It’s murder when you kill a friend.


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