The Sound

Lightning and thunder
like a man clearing his throat
in the rain.


The Authentic …

Moggy’s a dinkum, fine upstanding cat;
Purloins my steak fast [the drop of a hat].
Cats howling at night, a feline chin-wag —
My cat [my moggy] pursue the ball, “TAG!”
To be a dinkum goes against the grain;
Being an “original” can be a strain.
Dinkum Moggy studies the night’s shadow.
Purloining the nuance made her mellow.
This cat, a rare dinkum, slept in my lap,
While running through the woods, Moggy’s dream map.

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

EKG Wavelength
Sinus Rhythm Heartbeat
Electricity —
The Mockingbird chased the Crow.


(I saw something, about a week ago. I’ve recreated what I saw, in Sijo [Korean Verse], and a Haiku [Japanese Verse]. Now, I’m going to try – TANKA. It was just THAT NEAT of a sighting for me!:) )