Rippling water,
The white moth
Tries to crawl
Out of the porcelain bowl.

Meanwhile, the world goes on.


An Unexpected Warrior

SQUAWK, chirp, an explosion of sound,
cascade of blue feathers, Fountain,
three Blue Jays flew UP, and “ran away“,
left the premises, Got out of Dodge.
Hissing — the remaining — slight gray Mockingbird
flew to the top of the of the lamp post.
His long tail feathers were twitching,
[waving his flag]


When a Crow speaks, it’s a definite page;
Calling all sensitives – time to engage!
The Crow [plisky] untied his shoelaces.
Is this because he doesn’t know faces?
When a Hawk’s near, the Crows KERFUFFLE!
“Get Away,” they scream feathers a-ruffle.
Long lush green grass, dark feathers akimbo;
Two lustrous Crows dance a jammy limbo.
Big Crow lands on my porch rail, silently
And stares at me — quietly — intently.


Red-Winged Blackbirds, Starlings, Grackles; they’re all
A response [cluster] migratory call.
Blackbirds “meet-up” in the grass, foraging;
Methodical search for gourmet eating.
Shadowy flicker, a blackbird’s descent–
Do all birds possess inherent good sense?
The Blackbirds mingling in the wet grass,
Hear the silent command, RISE UP – en masse.
Blackbirds congregated in the same tree
Will strike up the band; it’s a singing spree!