A Bird Is Calling…

HEY, HEY, syllables
floating through the air
a bird’s melody


a slash of RED
corner of the eye glimpse
male Cardinal, green grass


flip of its long tail
irreverent Mockingbird
scuttles [flies] rooftop



When a Crow speaks, it’s a definite page;
Calling all sensitives – time to engage!
The Crow [plisky] untied his shoelaces.
Is this because he doesn’t know faces?
When a Hawk’s near, the Crows KERFUFFLE!
“Get Away,” they scream feathers a-ruffle.
Long lush green grass, dark feathers akimbo;
Two lustrous Crows dance a jammy limbo.
Big Crow lands on my porch rail, silently
And stares at me — quietly — intently.


Red-Winged Blackbirds, Starlings, Grackles; they’re all
A response [cluster] migratory call.
Blackbirds “meet-up” in the grass, foraging;
Methodical search for gourmet eating.
Shadowy flicker, a blackbird’s descent–
Do all birds possess inherent good sense?
The Blackbirds mingling in the wet grass,
Hear the silent command, RISE UP – en masse.
Blackbirds congregated in the same tree
Will strike up the band; it’s a singing spree!


The Cardinal perched, a respite from flight —
Deep red blood – the bird to sing — heart’s delight.
Talented Linguist is the Mockingbird;
Melodic mimic, it’s celestial — WORD.
Flapping [feathers] a honk and a thud —
Two Canada Geese walking in the mud.
Live Wire revitalized, the Mockingbird,
Feathers ruffled by the wind… how absurd.
Long neck undulating – up, down, the nod,
Part of a Canada goose strange ballade.