When children spin the Dreidel like a top,
Does chance and spirit blend like a heartthrob?
A daft squirrel bounces a nut on a branch;
Instinctively prays for no avalanche.
My cat chasing a ball “creates” much joy.
How would he do, with a four-sided toy?
Turning her eggs over [talons] to glance —
Mother Bird playing Nature’s game of chance.
White seagulls cruise the parking lots for food;
Catching wind-swept crumbs hones an impish mood.

Vanishing Reflections

Rain’s newly form mind is in its puddle,
A mirror to Life and all its muddle.
Frantic feathered fledglings flapping their wings,
Hoping to fly or to learn how to sing[s].
The cat crouched in the window chattering,
At the birds in the bushes nattering.
Ancestors are mirrored in a child’s face.
Can you see me, if you frequent my place?
Journaling my dreams I think I learn “me“,
Preferring, though, the puddle, rain’s calm sea.