Busy Morning

Blackbirds in the grass
creating a rectangle
while foraging —
behind them, a squirrel leaps
like a restless ocean wave.



Moving like the ocean upon the sand,
water lifting, waves, which then heavily land —
The cocker spaniel’s a glad gadabout.
Can a dog be considered roustabout?
Honest laborer rooted in the earth…
Living isn’t worthwhile without some mirth.
When an animal loves you, they’ll work for you;
a simple laborer who needs love too.
His paw on my leg, the cat fell asleep.
It is a trust that’s earned, worked for, so deep.

How To Survive The Heat (an oddball remedy…)

A cool innuendo, wind, reaches me
And I’m wondering where its source might be.
Residual raindrops in the thick grass,
meditating on the wet looking glass…
In, out, I’m eclipse walking, light and shade.
Focusing on the “dark” gives me first-aid.
Listening to the birds sing is distracting.
Twenty questions as to where they’re hiding.

Whose Legs Are Longer?

When you consider the tabby’s big paws,
know that machismo is guiding its “laws”.
Chasing rabbits is a habit that’s due
to instinctive urge, nay need, to pursue —
run for the sun, those sinewy lean legs,
race to be won; by whom [?] the cosmos begs.
The rabbit extends, so does its hopping,
hot-foot across the lawn, long legs loping.
And the short-haired brown tabby cat sat down,
disappointed that the rabbit left town…