Dig, dig, dig into the concealing earth;
This rabbit is creating her new berth.
Tunnels, networking, holes in the dirt —
Sanctuary is a rabbit’s Fine Art.
Within the shadows’s the silent rabbit…
Isolation’s an instinctive habit.
Hop, skip, jump, the rabbit’s in the Hedgerow.
It has a talent; it knows to stay low.
Endsville‘s a place we would all like to see.
A rabbit’s quiet’s what I want for me.


Fluctuating moods, tourbillions;
Playful winds are expert vaudevillians.
The birds in the tress are chit-chattering;
Explosive take-off, the flock’s shattering.
Tourbillion, I know male dogs fight,
When a comely female strolls into sight.
What tourbillion scattered my toys?
Cleanliness is an illusory poise.


Cats know how to curl up, into a ball.
Sometimes their slumber is a sinewy sprawl.
Leaves descending to the earth like a sigh;
A bare tree lifts its limbs towards the sky.
Resilient squirrels cuddle when they’re cold.
Together, they’re inspiring to be bold.
Flowers lose their petals in autumn.
Some will blossom once more and it’s awesome!
Maybe day’s true ending at last arrives;
When I wander the hall of dream archives.