‘Pon my word, the consideration of clouds
is almost like hearing faraway crowds.
A murder of crows calling in the trees —
pursuing a hawk is not what it seems.
And a star or two’s twinkling dimly,
you’ve a grand gift of silence, so seemly,
that sudden talk’s an ejaculation
AKA blue jay’s squawking persuasion.
Purchasing a box of bricks for a child —
Constructing a bird’s nest, the gods beguiled.

“Look Something Out” (Brit…)

With a skill as unique as a mimic,
coaxing a giggle out of this cynic–
A lively creature is the Mockingbird,
that lingers in the world of the absurd.
Therefore, I wonder, was it on a dare,
when perched on a branch he gave me a stare?
Surprise [!] a gray Mockingbird’s full-face view
yields an instrumental character clue,
when I looked BACK and felt “a serenity.”
Is that the Mockingbird’s true identity?

The Routine

Crossing the road is almost a habit
of this oddly inquisitive rabbit.
Pursuing breakfast, take it all in stride,
but what’s the allure of the other side?
His toffee-edged fur is most attractive,
ripples in the ocean oh so passive.
Is the grass sweeter, greener, over there?
Where’s the parents of this feisty hare?
Coming back, the rabbit gives me the eye,
a friendship which makes me happily sigh.

The Dance

Dead leaves, stirred by wind, will sometimes frolic,
instinctive response, often euphoric.
In the air, a mad Mockingbird will JIG;
performing a, dancing a, whirligig.
While it’s raining, I listen to the beat,
syncopation, you artists take your seat.
Reverberation, vigorous broom “whisk”,
cats chasing each other, delightful mix.
When a tree moves, does it shiver or sway?
Paying attention to THIS makes my day.

Astral Journey

Transportation’s quite vital via dreams
where what you’re seeing is not what it seems.
Cocooned in the luxury of a train,
but I’m only going to Fifth and Main!
Usually done in a broken-down car,
incredibly, though, I travel quite far.
Vessel of choice is the glorious word,
soaring so high as an infinite bird.
However, basic is the dream body
of which I’m the definitive jockey.